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Sales management ( Task 5)

Most successful companies generally echo the sentiment that recruiting is the number 1 priority in most selling organizations. It has the greatest impact on sales success. Finding quality people, who can analyze data, and see things from the customers’ perspective. One of the most pertinent questions that occupy the mind of sales managers from recruiting to selection to motivating – is, What makes a salesperson successful? What are the characteristics that define success or failure?

Read chapter 8 in the textbook

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Sales management ( Task 5)
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The sales manager of a company manufacturing orthopedic medical equipment attempts to hire salespeople based on the personalities of the customers. The sales manager uses the same process when assigning salespeople to customers (the similarity hypothesis). Does this process make sense? As a sales manager, would you use the similarity theory in hiring salespeople or assigning salespeople to customers? Why or Why not?

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