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Communicating Digital Content

Internal networks support connection to the Internet and between local devices such as computers and printers. Read this chapter in your textbook, Discovering Computers 2018, for more information about networks.

Module 10, “Communicating Digital Content: Wired and Wireless Networks and Devices,” pages 10-1 through 10-33.

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Communicating Digital Content
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Different types of network architectures serve different purposes. For example, if productivity and growth are concerns, expansion of the network might be helpful. Consider the purposes of networks in different settings, and answer the following questions:

How would you expand a network at home? The main concerns are range and bandwidth. Why would you choose this approach?
How would you expand a basic network for a small business that was expanding its physical location and increasing from 4 laptop computers to 12? The business may need some way to store and share photos and short videos, as well, which would need to stay on site. Why would you choose this approach?

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