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Staffing Plan and Competitive Advantage

For this part of the assessment, you will present an ideal staffing plan based upon your analysis of the media simulation. Your plan should include measures that can be used to judge its success. Additionally, to help illustrate your plan’s importance and benefits to SAMC, present a compelling argument about what impact it may have on the organization if your staffing plan is not adopted, as well as the benefits of creating a competitive advantage through human resources.

As you complete this part of your assessment, it may be helpful to consider:

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Staffing Plan and Competitive Advantage
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What should be an ideal staffing plan to consider (more staff, less staff, or a diversified workforce, etcetera)?
What can the future staffing model do for the organization?
What three measures would you implement to determine whether the new human resource staffing plan has effectively met the needs of the organization?
How might the organization be impacted moving forward if workforce issues are not addressed?
How could this impact the organization’s ability to meet strategic goals?
What is a competitive advantage?
How can human resources become an advantage for an organization within the industry?
Additional Requirements
Structure: Include a title page, table of contents, and reference page.
Length: 3–5 pages.
References: Cite at least three current scholarly or professional resources.

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