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Making a Synthesis Matrix

Sample of this as well as more guidelines to assist will be attached. I can also extend the time limit by 12 hours.

Read all the sample introductions under Course Content. (There are 18 in total—11 in one file, plus the first paragraph of each of the 7 sample literature reviews.) Choose at least 2 to analyze sentence by sentence. (We will discuss these in class, but please include your notes as part of this exercise)
Write your own introduction of 5-8 sentences.
Use your annotated bibliography (will be provided) and introductory paragraph to create a simple synthesis matrix for your review. (Information and examples under Course Content and on Discussion Board)
The introduction should contain:

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Making a Synthesis Matrix
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–a brief statement of the context for the research (why this research is important to scholars and professionals in your field),
–a sentence or two about past research on the topic,
–a sentence or two breaking down the topic into main points that will be covered (or questions that will be answered) and giving an idea of the structure of the paper (chronological, methodological, or thematic),
–and a final sentence that provides a clear idea of the focus and scope of this review.

Here are the files related to MY topic that the synthesis matrix and lit review intro will be based on.






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