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Creating community strategy

Creating community strategy is a core competency for the community professional. This assignment requires students to design a community strategy for an organisation of their choosing.

Marking Criteria

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Creating community strategy
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Students are expected to:

Cover key elements of a community strategy, including activation and building. 30

Demonstrate understanding of the given online community, its application and forms of management. 25

Show accurate and insightful application of unit reading and content in their work. 25

Demonstrate a high level of written communication. 10

Accurately cite academic research and other sources. 10

Community managers navigate and negotiate tensions between users, localised community guidelines, commercial operators and larger regulatory frameworks. In this seminar we explore the role and realities of ethics and governance in online communities, including the critical practice of moderation in participatory contexts and balancing theoretical and formal requirements with tangible, human effects.

We will first examine different approaches to online community governance, the relationship of these approaches to the cultural outputs of online communities, and learn the necessary guidance frameworks to drive desired community outcomes. We will then examine moderation best practices (such as risk matrices and logging), and requirements within the Australian regulatory environment to protect yourself, your community members and your host entity.

Importantly, we will also discuss the relationship between ethics, healthy practices and professional wellbeing, looking at common challenges when managing ‘always-on’ communities.

Lastly, we will situate community managers in wider discussions of digital ethics issues, such as speech regulation, trolling culture, misinformation warfare, social media weaponisation, data rights, platform monopolisation and surveillance capitalism and digital colonisation.

Write a strategy for an organization without an online community please.

I just upload a example here, please check.

last time another person wrote a wrong article and professor saids that one appears to be for an entirely different class (a tourism assignment with no mention of online community).

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