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Land Use Planning.

Type your reply to each question on a new line following the question. Please do not delete the question. Save the file on your computer, flash drive, or cloud storage before uploading the completed assignment to Blackboard.

Part 1

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Land Use Planning.
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Chapter 12 – Land Use Planning.

1. You have been elected mayor of Awesome Town USA by a landslide margin. Unfortunately, you are taking over a town rife with problems from poor management. How would you address the problems listed below? Your reply should be supported by information presented in the chapter.

A. Intense traffic problems.

B. Citizens complain that there is no “sense of community”.

C. Many abandoned and contaminated industrial sites.

D. Large tracts of land in the town are in a floodplain.

E. Heavily zoned areas for commerce and housing.

F. Few housing options

G. Excessive air and water pollution

Chapter 14 – Soil and Agriculture

1. Explain why soil is so valuable. Why is organic matter so important?

2. What are some benefits associated with large scale farming? What are some problems associated with large scale farming?

3. Look at Table 14.1 in the text. What caused the changes in the effectiveness of the insecticide? If you were an agricultural extension agent, what alternatives to pesticides might you recommend?

4. Imagine that you are a scientist examining fish in Lake Superior and you find toxaphene in the fish that you are studying. Toxaphene was used primarily in cotton farming and has been banned since 1982. How can you explain its presence in these fish?

Chapter 15 – Water Management

1. How is land use related to water quality and quantity? Provide a local example (Delmarva or Maryland)

2. How is biogeochemical oxygen demand related to water quality? How does the use of fertilizer affect dissolved oxygen and BOD?

3. Describe how agriculture contributes to water quality issues.

4. Differentiate between point and nonpoint pollution. What are some examples of each found locally?

5. Describe primary, secondary, and tertiary sewage treatment.

Part 2 – In Depth

Choose from one of the following prompts to complete.

Select one of the prompts below to research further (see Resources on Blackboard for some links to try). Address the prompt with a short essay (2-3 paragraphs) that includes at least one valid unbiased source from a scientific or social journal or site (cited in APA format).

1. There are many examples of cities that have implemented aspects of Smart growth (see page 295). Find a current article (within the past 10 years) about a city or community that has implemented a Smart growth plan (it does not have to be a city listed on pg 295). Report on the steps they have taken, and the results achieved.


Describe the city or community where you live or lived. Is it implementing a Smart growth plan? If not, is there a recognized need for such a plan? Explain what steps it should take, citing evidence (newspaper articles, news reports, interviews, personal observations) to support your ideas.

2. Read Science, Politics, and Policy “Regulation of Pesticides” on page 328. Research another type of commonly used pesticide and answer the following:

• Where and why is the pesticide used?

• What problems are attributed to the pesticide?

• What are your thoughts on the use of this pesticide and pesticides in general? Should there be less use? More restrictions? Less restrictions?

3. Should the United States allow Mexico to have water from the Rio Grande and the Colorado River, both of which originate in the U.S. and flow into Mexico? Use an unbiased source to support your argument.

You must reference an appropriate scientific resource and include the APA citation.

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