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Water pollution case study

the environmental issue you choose to investigate, including general background about your selected topic and the geographic area in question, (2) an explanation of the controversy (i.e. the pros and cons or the opposing views), and (3) a list of suitable references you will use to construct your case study.
provided in the course content, upload your Case Study in this Assignment folder. Make sure your references are in APA or MLA style. For your information, here is an example of a well-written paper with MLA citations and one with APA citations.

The case study should written up as a Word document and be no more than 4 pages double-spaced noT including references (MLA or APA). On the word document you should have: a title, your name, the case study, and work cited (APA or MLA).
 Once completed, submit it to this Assignment folder.

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Water pollution case study
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