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Social Psychology Group Identity And Dynamics

In 2004 there were allegations of abuse and human rights violations that occurred Abu Ghraib prison. There have been many interpretations of what happened, and there are many aspects of Social Psychology that could have been at play in this situation. For this Case Assignment you are to familiarize yourself with three examples of famous social experiments- The Stanford Prison Experiment, Asch’s Conformity Experiment, and the Milgram Obedience Experiment, and apply the concepts and theories associated with one of these to the Abu Ghraib prison situation.

Your paper give a synopsis of the experiment you chose to use and you need to explain how it is similar to what took place at Abu Graib, and what Social Psychology factors and theories you felt were involved. You should also comment on what has been done or might be done to prevent this from occurring again.

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Social Psychology Group Identity And Dynamics
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