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Marketing Proposal for Santa Fe Grill

Complete both Change Matrix and Part C Below:

Marketing Proposal – Santa Fe Grill: Each week students will be adding new components to the ongoing case study. A breakdown of the work due each week follows:

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Marketing Proposal for Santa Fe Grill
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Part A:

Title Page

Table of Contents


Segmentation of customer including:

Perceptual Map

Common characteristics of customer and trend lines

Part B:

Research Methodology including

Descriptive variables

Design of hypothesis (HO and HA)

Part C:

Research Questions

Specific Details Regarding This Week’s Assignment:

1. Your paper must meet the writing standards set by APA (6th Ed.)
2. Include a completed Change Matrix* (placed immediately following the title page) regarding the changes you made to Wk. 2 Part B.
3. Using the guidelines from Ch. 8 and integrating the recommendations from the Db responses, you are to create a list of eight questions that should be included in a questionnaire.
4. Provide a brief discussion on the purpose of your selected questions. In other words, how will the proposed question help solve the objectives of the management team?

* Student’s must address each of the notes, comments, or other feedback from the instructor previous week’s Proposal before this week’s work will be graded.

This should be it. I have attached the 3 chapters for this week and the Change Matrix. This should be a pretty easy week, since it’s just about the research questions. I’m also attaching the last version you sent.

I will provide the feedback from the instructor as soon as he sends it.



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