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Pros and cons of a becoming a correctional officer

Individuals working as a Correction Officer have an obligation and should take all the necessary precautions to protect inmates as well as other staff members, from physical harm, deceit, or misrepresentation. They are also associated with possessing clearly defined role characteristics.

Using the list below as a reference, students are required to write a minimum of two (2) pages on the following scenario:

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Pros and cons of a becoming a correctional officer
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Discuss the pros and cons of a becoming a correctional officer. You must also discuss whether or not being a correction officer would be a career choose. If not, explain your decision?

Reference List

Role Characteristics.

1. The image of toughness “is exalted in the guard subculture, and is the public image (though not the private reality) adopted by most officer.

2. Correctional officers are human service providers who are expected to engage in “people work” within an organizational setting.

3. Officers are expected to help inmates deal with their personal problems, work in a bureaucracy, and treat inmates impersonally and follow formally prescribed departmental rules and procedures.

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