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Career research

  • Comply completely with proper current APA formatting as defined at the Purdue OWL resource for the complete research assignment.
  • For full credit you must pay close attention to your execution of the task and follow through precisely on each graded item [see Grading Criteria section below] and refer to the Grading Rubric.
  • Follow all the instructions on this page and in the research template. Your ability to follow instructions is an important part of this deliverable and your grade.
  • You must use the provided Research Template to create your basic document. The template already provides the proper format, just make sure you keep it.
  • The research document will need to have a total Word Count of between 1200 to 1500 words.
  • The research may include figures, tables, or diagrams using proper APA formatting


    Each document must include all these exact sectionsand sub-sections, numbered as indicated:

    1. Executive Summary
      1. 300 – 350 words in length, organized into 2 complete paragraphs and including a scripture reference and Christian perspective.
    2. Job Description:

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      1. give a detailed description of the work done by this occupation,focused on the use of computer technology in the profession, or the technical aspects of the computer technology occupation selected.
      2. list and describe some computer technology related specific tasks that might be assigned to this job
      3. summarize the contents of three position advertisements you found for this type job and include the links to these advertisements [these links cannot be included in your bibliography].
    3. Career Possibilities:
      1. give a range of salaries [starting through senior positions] for this occupation.
      2. list and describe the various types of industries where this occupation is found,
      3. list likely geographic locations where you might work,
    4. Preparation:explain the specific preparation needed to qualify for this career:
      1. training, focused on computer technology related training
      2. education
      3. work experience, focused on computer technology related experience
    5. Bibliography:

      • You must list at least five sources for your data.
      • Bibliographic information must be in APA Format.
      • Do not cite the course text(s).
      • Do not cite articles from user edited sources such as Wikipedia [however this type of resource can be used for initial research and they will often lead you to acceptable resources].


      • Omitting quotation marks or other conventional markings around material quoted, or paraphrased, from any source other than your own creativity for this specific assignment.
      • Paraphrasing a specific passage from a specific source without properly referencing and citing the source.
      • Replicating another student’s work or parts thereof and submitting it as an original, including any original work you did for another assignment.

Failing to cite within the text any of the above information.

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