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Besides gun control

1. Identify a recent policy debate (besides gun control) from the past 6 months. Research which interest groups participated in this policy. Do you think they had too much influence on the policy, the right amount, or not enough?
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A recent policy debate that has been going on for years is the U.S. Immigration debate. Mid last year Donald Trump signed orders on border control and interior enforcement and refugees. Donald Trump rescinded two programs that were earlier created by President Obama that shielded undocumented children and their parents from deportation. I believe that this policy could of been handled in a different way. There were people who had left our country to go on vacations to see their families and were not allowed back in the country. There were fathers who had been in this country for 20+ years who were deported and sent away from their families that were here in the U.S. The immigration Policy is something that our Government has been pressing for years however, I believe that if you have working adults in our country and have been here for years and are not a threat to our country I do not believe they should be deported. Now the issue comes in if there are people in our country who should not be here, then I believe those situations should be handled accordingly.

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