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The Trickster Archetype and Euripides’ Medea

The previously assigned Vogler reading instructs on how to identify this specific archetype in a story and it provides many examples of it in other works, particularly cinematic narrative. Now that you’ve read Euripides’ Medea in its entirety, which character (or, characters), best fits this archetype in the narrative? Because of Euripides revolutionary use of the anti-hero, the characters in Medea may be more challenging to peg than in some other narrative. So, keep in mind that the archetypes can be literal, psychological, or situational. Does only one trickster exist, or, are there more? If more than one exists, who or what is the primary trickster for this dramatic narrative? Cite passages (use quotations and MLA parenthetical citations with page numbers) from both Vogler and Euripides’ Medea to fully support your answer.

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The Trickster Archetype and Euripides’ Medea
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