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Alibaba and Tencent business analysis

please answer questions 20-24 in the attached pdf named “Project Part 2”. Please also find each question below:

20. How do the two companies apply Entrepreneurial Control? Table 14-1 (see Chapter 14, page 399) provides some examples of elements in an organization’s control system.

21. Do these control systems have or had “unintended consequences” (see Chapter 14, pages 400-402) on the company’s entrepreneurial behavior?

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Alibaba and Tencent business analysis
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22. What elements from “building an adaptive organization” would be relevant to the founder(s) of these two companies? (see Chapter 15, pages 437 – 442).

23.Taking into consideration your audit of these two companies, outline areas of entrepreneurial and innovative strength and weakness as well as opportunities and threats that these two companies face. Create comparative illustrations (tables, graphs, diagrams). Then create a strategy for both that would help them (further) sustain their entrepreneurial and innovative leadership. In developing your strategy for both companies, utilize the information you have collected and analyzed. Your strategy development should be systematic and well structured. Your strategic recommendations should not be generic but specific to your findings and to the company in particular.

24. Develop a number of action plans describing how these strategic recommendations would be operationalized (e.g. identify objectives, needed resources, activities, tasks, people, milestones, financial requirements, measures and controls, relevance to company, market, and timeline).

chapters content please find from attached pdf “Corporate Entrepreneurship & In”

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