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Asch Conformity

Use the writing process to compose an argument essay synthesizing and analyzing multiple viewpoints built upon a thesis statement that is supported by research. Research must be from a minimum of four sources, including at least two sources from a CPCC Library database. Students must format the essay according to current MLA standards and must include properly formatted in-text citations and a Works Cited page. The essay should use grammatically correct academic/formal English. The essay should be a minimum of four pages in length and must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or PDF through SafeAssign This assignment will be worth 25% of the course grade and will be assessed toward the end of the course session. The assignment will be graded using the approved Division standard criteria. The key indicators within the assignment will be assessed with the below Key Indicator Rubric Overview: Use the writing process to write an argumentative research essay of at least 4 pages long to convince readers to accept your point of view (your position on an issue). As stated in Models for Writers, your “argument must be carefully reasoned and thoughtfully structured to have maximum effect” (Rosa and Eschholz 545). Research: This IS a research paper. Use a minimum of 4 credible, scholarly sources. Two (or more) of these sources should be from the CPCC online databases (like ProQuest) or the CPCC library. You must include correctly cited in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Plagiarism: Your essay will be automatically submitted to SafeAssign to check for plagiarism. Plagiarized essays will earn a grade of 0. Please review the plagiarism policy as stated in the course syllabus. Length: The essay must be 4 full pages minimum, and include at least 7 paragraphs (introduction, at least three body paragraphs to support claim, two rebuttal paragraphs to explain and refute opposition, and conclusion). Format: Use MLA 8 format for title, heading, citations, and the works cited page. Your works cited page must be included but does NOT count as part of the 4-page minimum. Word choice: Use Third Person Point of View and a formal tone. Avoid using, slang, informal language, and contractions. Include persuasive words such as should/should not, must, will, can, need to, etc. Assessment: Your essay should showcase all that you have learned thus far in ENG 111. It will be assessed using the Key Indicator Rubric to determine your overall understanding of ENG 111 course objectives. This essay is also worth 25% of your final course grade. To determine that grade, the ENG 111 Signature Assignment Grading Rubric (included below) will be usebcqd. Topic choice:

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Asch Conformity
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