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Benefits and challenges of foundation proposals

What are the benefits and challenges of foundation proposals?
What are the three recommended strategies for writing a winning foundation proposal?
Provide one example of a funding opportunity available through an early childhood professional membership organization, such as the NAEYC.
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Benefits and challenges of foundation proposals
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Nancy Moretti

Seminar Options
Seminars provide you with an opportunity to converse with your instructor and peers, and to resolve questions about the course. Your instructor will provide specific guidelines to save you valuable time and effort, and to support your course success. You must either attend the live Seminar or complete the alternative assignment in order to earn points.

Seminar topics and/or pre-work, if applicable, can be found in Course Resources.

Option 1- Attend Seminar:

Throughout your program, you will be asked to attend various Seminars. Seminars take place at designated times in specific units. Your instructor will give details about the Seminar during the first week of the course. Please review your Course Announcements and emails.

If you are unable to attend the Seminar, you are required to watch the archived recording and complete the alternative assignment by the end of the unit.

Option 2- Alternative Assignment: Reflective Assignment

While listening to this week’s archived Seminar, complete a reflective document. You may write the assignment in a bulleted list format OR paragraph format. APA style is not required.

Please include:

The main topics discussed.
Sub-topics and/or subsequent classroom discussion.
Points you found of interest.
Any additional reflections or suggestions.
Keep in mind that your instructor is available should you have any questions on the Seminar content. Submit your alternative assignment to the Seminar Dropbox.

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