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Can California’s Cap and Trade Actually Address Environmental Justice?

We Are Destroying our life support system
Global Warming’s New Math
Saskia Sassen on Climate Change
Scientists from around the world declare a climate emergency
2019 Capped the World’s Hottest Decade in History (WaPo 1/15/20)
Seven Points You need to Know About Climate Change

Articles on Impacts (pick two)
Landmark UN report warns sea levels will rise faster than projected by 2100
Sea Level Rise in LA
Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here
NPR: 5 crops will be lost to climate change

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Can California’s Cap and Trade Actually Address Environmental Justice?
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Cap and Trade v Carbon Tax v Green New Deal v Divestment v Geoengineering (pick-six),


Greenhouse Gas Tax vs Cap and Trade
Memo Explains the difference between Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade
Cost Of Decarbonizing U.S. Power Grid Put At $4.5 Trillion (6/27/19, Forbes)
July 27 Cenk Uygur and Al Gore talk carbon tax and cap ‘n trade (mp4)

Carbon Tax

Yellen, top pick for Treasury, sees carbon tax as a solution
The Problem with Putting a price on the End of the World
A simpler, more useful way to tax carbon 8/17/20
Carbon pricing is the way to rectify runaway climate change
Voters like taxing carbon as long as you don’t say ‘carbon tax’
Republican Elders Call for New National Carbon Tax
Carbon Tax? Yes!
The carbon tax opportunity (Brookings) 5/6/20
How to Cut US carbon emissions by 40% in 10 years (a carbon tax)
Exxon and all agree on carbon tax!

Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade Explained
Cap and trade isn’t cutting it LAT
Can California’s Cap and Trade Actually Address Environmental Justice?
Do Carbon Offsets Work? WaPo 9/24/20
Is California a Leader or a Loaner on Cap and Trade?
California Cap and Trade Faces Daunting Hurdles
Enviro Justice Matters in Cap and Trade

Green New Deal and a Marshall Plan

Money manager calls for climate Marshall Plan
The Green New Deal explained
The world wasn’t ready for a Green New Deal in 2009. Today, it may be
The Green New Deal would create nearly 30 million jobs
Ocasio-Cortez says we need a WW2 plan
“Hasan and AOC Discuss The Green New Deal” YouTube

Divestment from fossil fuels

Markets are flying blind on climate change 9/16/20
Global investors develop a net-zero investing framework
An Open Letter to the CalSTRS Board
Climate Lawsuits Increase Risk to CalPERS Portfolio
42 faith groups in 14 countries announce divestment from fossil fuels
11/25/20: New Yorker, McKibben, “Climate Crisis: the banks”
12/9/20: 12/9/20: NYT, McKibben, “You Should Have Listened, New York Tells Big Oil”

Geo-engineering the planet

DW: Geoengineering 10/20: 42 minutes (YouTube)
Geoengineer the Planet? More Scientists Now Say It Must Be an Option
Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program
University of California TV: What is Geoengineering and Can It Save the Planet? (youtube 3 mins)
Geoengineering carries ‘large risks’ for the natural world, studies show
A Start-Up’s Unusual Plan to Suck Carbon Out of the Sky

Agricanto library of climate change articles by topic area.
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