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CASE STUDY – Apple: What’s Next?

CASE STUDY – Apple: What’s Next?

Refere to attcahed book ( page # 471 (pdf pg # 498)

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CASE STUDY – Apple: What’s Next?
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Requirements: APA format, At least 4 page excluding cover page, and reference.


Summarize the case study on your own words.

And answer on below questions.


1. How did Apple’s introduction of the iPhone in 2007 lead to its success over its main competitors? Think about which industries it has disrupted and how.

2. What are some of the challenges facing Apple today? What should Apple do to address them? Be specific.

3. Apply the three-step process for developing a good strategy (diagnose the competitive challenge, derive a guiding policy, and implement a set of coherent actions) to Apple’s current situation. What recommendations would you offer Apple to outperform its competitors in the future? Be specific.


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