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Case Study: Marketing Research in Action DELI DEPOT

Paper Requirements:
1. Use a properly formatted title page.
2. Use the Deli Depot Data Set (attached).
3. Write out each question and answer the three questions listed below.
4. Include supporting graphs and tables.
5. Provide a brief discussion on the significance or value of each discovery. In other words, how can a marketing manager use this information to develop new marketing strategies?

Answer the following three questions:

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Case Study: Marketing Research in Action DELI DEPOT
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1. Should the Deli Depot questionnaire have screening questions?

2. Run a frequency count on Variable X3-Competent Employees. Do the customer perceive employees to be competent? Be sure to support your answer.

3. Consider the guidelines on questionnaire design you learned in Ch. 8. How would you improve the Deli Depot questionnaire?

4 – 4e_Deli Depot_Ch 10_final.sav

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