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classic Disney movie Cinderella-film review

Answer all the questions thoughtfully using full complete sentences and details that support your answers.
1. Recall one sleep cycle includes NREM 1,2,3 and REM. Generally speaking, how many times do you allow your brain to reach REM each night? Prove how you know by leading me through your calculations please.
2. Describe a moment when you did not get enough sleep. Which skills or functions could you not perform as well because of this? Be specific.
3. Which theory do you think explains why YOU dream? Explain why using details from class to support your answer.
4. Imagine you are scheduling your classes for college. What time of the day are you signing up for? Why? (Use our discussion on productivity to support your answer).
Part 4: Sleeping and Dreaming
Answer the following questions using full complete sentences. Be thoughtful in your responses to show your understanding of what occurs when the brain is asleep and theories for why humans dream.
Question 1:
Before virtual learning began, high school students in Prince William County Public Schools started their school day at 7:20am. Why did having an early start time effect the performance of different students?
Your response must include the following:
• An explanation for why students needed eight to ten hours of sleep in regards to N-REM and REM.
• A description of three negative effects students endured due to lack of sleep and how this could have effected their productivity during the school day.
Question 2:
In the classic Disney movie Cinderella, the main character refuses to describe a dream she had. To explain why, she sings the following lyric:
“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”
Would neuroscientists agree or disagree with Cinderella? Explain why.

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classic Disney movie Cinderella-film review
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