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Computer technology Warranty Concerns

Discuss what options for extended warranties on notebooks typically exist, and give information on how to determine if the equipment is currently under warranty. (Your own opinion, no right or wrong answer). Service Manuals and other Sources of Information
2. Elaborate on how to use service manuals to aid in disassembly and repair of a notebook? (Elaborate in your own words).

3. Explain why some laptops may have additional information in the form of videos or user manuals that may aid in disassembly. (In your own words).

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Computer technology Warranty Concerns
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Diagnostic Tools Provided by Manufacturers

4. Provide information on what tools might be provided by the manufacturer for troubleshooting an issue or replaced a part? (Your own opinion).

Do keep cited content at 20% and original writing at 80%. If citing content, do provide references and citation

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