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Confucianism and Shinto

In the Sacred TextsPreview the document booklet, you will find three Confucian texts and three Shinto texts.

For each of the religious systems:

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Confucianism and Shinto
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Select one of the texts and explain why you have chosen it as most representative of the religious system;
Address the reasons why the other two readings were not, in your assessment, as representative. You MAY NOT use outside sources to make your case. Limit yourself to the text itself, your lecture notes and your textbook.
Formulate reflective essay responsesPreview the document and use textual citations to defend your assertions.

Do not summarize unless necessary to make a point. (I have read these texts…many times.)


Calibri 11pt; double-spacing; 2 ENTIRE pages (minimum and maximum) with bibliography on a third page.

Use in-text citations for direct quotes from sacred texts (Book Chapter: Verse; e.g. Jb 38: 4), and Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.) for all other textual references. No double-spacing in footnotes.

If for whatever reason you do not wish to use the Answer Sheet written files should be .doc/.docx or .pdf. Canvas does not allow me to view .pages.

No cover page or headers, please.

This is the website for the Textbook ( Free ):



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