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Evaluation of News Story and a memo

The final project is your opportunity to package all of the writing skills you’ve accumulated this semester into a real-world product. You can choose the topic and format. It could be a news feature story — anything that showcases your writing and could be used as a professional form of communication. OVERVIEW News Feature: Your written story should be at least 1,000 words and include at least two pieces of multimedia. This can include photos, videos, audio snippets, charts, graphs, etc. Please give credit/attribution for any multimedia you use (since the project will not be published, you can use copyrighted material only for the purpose of this class – but please attribute the owner). You must have at least two primary sources for your story, and at least one must be new (not a source you’ve used in a previous class assignment). Include a strong headline and write using the inverted pyramid and AP style. EXECUTE Follow the plan you proposed in your memo and carry out your vision. If your pitch was to write a feature news story, did you gather all the necessary elements, conduct research and interviews and write a well-developed story? Note, none of your research or interview notes need to be submitted as part of your final. WRITE Ensure your final project follows AP style and uses proper grammar throughout. Style is also dependent upon your project’s format. There are general formats for web, for audio and video — use your textbook to brush up on each. If you’re writing a story, the inverted pyramid should be used. GRADING (5%) Memo – did you make a strong pitch for your project and outline your vision and execution? (30%) Execute – did you follow through on the plan you proposed? (45%) Write – did you use strong, concise and precise writing throughout your project and was it accurate and polished? (20%) Style – did you follow AP style and use proper grammar? did you follow a style appropriate for your project? Please note that the one-page memo is due Tuesday, Nov, 24 by 11:59 a.m. ET Memo: Write a one-page memo pitching your final project. What do you intend to produce? Who is your target audience? What’s the story and who are your sources? Sell your idea to me and organize a plan for how you’ll carry out your proposal. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to complete the memo — so long as you’re able to describe your vision and execution. You may use a topic and/or sources you’ve used already in this course, but you must use at least one new primary source. Please consider this memo as a preparation outline of the final work. Total Work: 4-page Final News story due Dec, 4 11:59, 1-page Memo due Nov, 24 by 11:59 am. ET

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Evaluation of News Story and a memo
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