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Genome mapping biotechnology

1-Which event leads to a diploid cell in a life cycle?
alternation of generations
2-Meiosis produces ________ daughter cells.
two haploid
two diploid
four haploid
four diploid
3-The part of meiosis that is similar to mitosis is ________.
meiosis I
anaphase I
meiosis II
4-If a muscle cell of a typical organism has 32 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will be in a gamete of that same organism?
5-The observable traits expressed by an organism are described as its ________.
6-A recessive trait will be observed in individuals that are ________ for that trait.
homozygous or heterozygous
7-What are the types of gametes that can be produced by an individual with the genotype AaBb?
Aa, Bb
AA, aa, BB, bb
AB, Ab, aB, ab
AB, ab
8-If black and white true-breeding mice are mated and the result is all gray offspring, what inheritance pattern would this be indicative of?
multiple alleles
incomplete dominance
9-In a cross between a homozygous red-eyed female fruit fly and a white-eyed male fruit fly, what is the expected outcome?
all white-eyed male offspring
all white-eyed female offspring
all red-eyed offspring
half white-eyed make offspring
10-When a population has a gene with four alleles circulating, how many possible genotypes are there?
11-In the reproductive cloning of an animal, the genome of the cloned individual comes from ________.
a sperm cell
an egg cell
any gamete cell
a body cell
12-What is a genetically modified organism (GMO)?
a plant with certain genes removed
an organism with an artificially altered genome
a hybrid organism
any agricultural organism produced by breeding or biotechnology
13-Genomics can be used in agriculture to:
generate new hybrid strains
improve disease resistance
improve yield
all of the above
14-What kind of diseases are studied using genome-wide association studies?
viral diseases
single-gene inherited diseases
diseases caused by multiple genes
diseases caused by environmental factors
15-Individuals with trisomy 21 are more likely to survive to adulthood than individuals with trisomy 18. Based on what you know about aneuploidies from this module, what can you hypothesize about chromosomes 21 and 18?
16-Can a male be a carrier of red-green color blindness?
17-Could an individual with blood type O (genotype ii) be a legitimate child of parents in which one parent had blood typeA and the other parent had blood type B?
18-What is the purpose and benefit of the polymerase chain reaction?
19-Today, it is possible for a diabetic patient to purchase human insulin from a pharmacist. What technology makes this possible and why is it a benefit over how things used to be?
20-Describe two of the applications for genome mapping.
21-Identify a possible advantage and a possible disadvantage of a genetic test that would identify genes in individuals that increase their probability of having Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

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