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Government agencies or non-profit organizations

Build an ideal government agency or non-profit organization using perspectives. Include clear connections between the perspectives while engaging in analysis in your paper.

Paper Requirements:

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Government agencies or non-profit organizations
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This paper should be double spaced, size 12 point, Times New Roman font, include a title page, and follow APA guidelines. This paper should also be 15 – 20 pages in length.

Note 1: You should consider creating a thesis statement in introduction of term paper, regardless of aforementioned option selected. In essence, the thesis introduces the main

perspective of your term paper. Additionally, students should consider explaining the purpose and reasoning for research and analysis pertaining to aforementioned option selected.

Note 2: You are encouraged to use secondary resources in the term paper. You must also properly cite sources when using secondary data. For information on APA guidelines

including proper in-text citations, see

Purdue Owl APA Guidelines

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