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Health Fair Planning

Reflection (one to three pages)

In reviewing both events, the correct way to plan, and strategies used in our class that promoted effective team work—what are two to three “take-aways” about planning/implementing health events? You need to ID them and relate them to your future role as a health educator. Take-aways are like lessons you learned.It is not repeating items from or similar to your first paper. Saying, for example, the strategy of posting minutes would be effective in my future role b/c…. would be a poor answer.You need to reflect on the work as a “whole” and determine what you want to discuss. Please “don’t use this is an example”…
We have done “Planning, Organizing and implmenting” two Health Fair events for Middles schools …

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Health Fair Planning
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So for these two health fairs: I have 3 members in my group and we have done the two health fairs in two different middle schools…

I need 3 lessons learned. For example, we have been using google docs and how it will work for me when I become health educator …

Please keep Provide the lesson and how will it help me as educator …

Otherwise, just mention what the other communicating skills or others

Otherwise, the process for planning, implementing, organizing… how to deal with 7th graders … Creating activities ….. and so on …

make sure you identify 3

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