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Healthcare practitioner Action Plan

Introduction (150 words). An introduction generally needs to answer the following 3 questions. a. What? The introduction must begin by clearly explaining what the essay is about. This section needs to explain in your own words what is required in the assignment brief given above. b. How? The second part of the introduction needs to outline how the reflection will be structured. You need to summarise the details given in point 2 below. c. Why? An introduction needs to articulate why the topic under consideration is of significance (this can include references). Assessment Brief: Write a 1,500 word reflective account on your role both as a student in higher education, and future healthcare practitioner. Include an action plan to address an identified developmental need to be achieved by the end of your first year (can be included as an appendix). Relevant evidence based literature will be required to support your work, using the Harvard System of Referencing. Module Learning Outcomes (you must meet all the learning outcomes to pass the module) Learning Outcome 1: Be able to describe and evaluate your role as a student in higher education and a future healthcare practitioner. Learning Outcome 2: Reflect on, and evaluate own learning strengths, styles and needs as an adult learner in higher education. Learning Outcome 3: Develop an action plan to address a developmental need to be completed by the end of year 1. 2. Discussion (1200 words) a. Discuss learning in general at Higher Education and in particular studying Operating Department Practice in Higher Education and your future role as a healthcare practitioner (learning outcome 1). b. Explore and discuss Operating Department Practice in the context of current healthcare and the value of life-long learning (learning outcome 1). c. Explore your initial reflections on entering higher education (this can link to an appendix including a reflective cycle/framework if you wish) (learning outcome 2). d. Discuss and explore your academic profile, for example prior learning experiences in education. Identify your learning style and the impact this has on your learning (learning outcome 2). e. Discuss your identified area of development in relation to Essential Skills in higher education, for example, writing development, time management, IT skills etc. Reflect on the significance of the chosen development area in your future practice as a student and future ODP (learning outcome 3). 3. Conclusion (150 words) a. Summary: Summarise the key learning points that have emerged from your discussion above. b. Recommendations: Make recommendations on what needs to be done in light of your findings and conclusions.  ·         as I still words left do do id like to talk about https://www.hcpc-uk.org/globalassets/resources/guidance/guidance-on-conduct-and-ethics-for-students.pdf so please could you have a look and reference something about the hcpc guidelines   Corbett, R., & Suckling, S. (2018). Professionalisation of operating department practice: an evolutionary perspective. Journal of Education and Work, 31(4), 381-393. de Vries, S. T., van der Sar, M. J., Cupelli, A., Baldelli, I., Coleman, A. M., Montero, D., … & Denig, P. (2017). Communication on safety of medicines in Europe: current practices and general practitioners’ awareness and preferences. Drug Safety, 40(8), 729-742. Lowes, R., Duxbury, A., & Garth, A. (2020). The evolving roles of Operating Department Practitioners in contemporary healthcare: A service evaluation. Journal of Perioperative Practice, 30(3), 46-56.   Our professor make us chose our learning style it came out am a  “ reflector” https://www.marketingcollege.com/insight/active-pragmatic-reflective-what-type-of-learner-are-you So I should talk about this in the essay, and link that to everything to my studies and to the practice and the future   Also : I need to do a 2 diagrams or tables a SWOT  an a “Goals/ Action Evidence,s uccess Criteria /Target date “   https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analisi_SWOT#:~:text=L’analisi%20SWOT%20(conosciuta%20anche,cui%20un’organizzazione%20o%20un  ( make up the strengthen, weakness, opportunities and treats ) Along with an appendix ( as long as short you want, appendix its not part of the assignment word count

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Healthcare practitioner Action Plan
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