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Intervention for global Health issues

This assignment is part three of the global health issue paper assignment. After students write about their selected issue, they are required to develop a plan or an intervention to address the issue. Students, for this part of the paper, must assume the role of a consultant who with the data and information identified regarding the country of interest & the selected health issue, must then develop a culturally & systematically appropriate intervention to address the issue. Students should utilize the content covered in the course and conduct additional research to develop a sound plan. This paper should be a maximum of 2 pages. Papers should be thorough, complete, and thoughtful to indicate that you have read, examined, and can apply the concepts in the readings.

1) Description of the plan

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Intervention for global Health issues
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a) Discuss existing interventions

b) Relation of SDGs to the formulation of interventions

c) Discuss your intervention and rational for the intervention, why is it appropriate for the country and topic chosen? (Infrastructure issues, availability of healthcare providers and equipment, language considerations, etc.)

d) Social/Cultural issues – How is this plan culturally appropriate? What issue(s) did you consider? (example: getting input and approval from community elders before proceeding)

e) Note: The intervention can be one already implemented in the country and proven to be effective.

2) Implementation of the plan

a) How will the proposed intervention be implemented/structured?

b) Estimated timeline, which health care professional will be utilized to provide services?

c) Possible funding sources

d) Which stakeholders will be involved (would you involve international agencies, if so which ones?)?

3) Evaluation of the plan

a) How would you structure your evaluation of the intervention, who will conduct the evaluation?

b) Possible evaluation methods – surveys, group discussions/focus groups, etc.

c) Dissemination of the evaluation results – how would you share your results?

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