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Introduction to International Relations

You are given five essay questions in this exam. Each question is worth 20 points, for a total of 100. You should answer each as completely as you can, and as descriptively as you can. Feel free to use examples to illustrate your answer wherever appropriate. All answers can be found directly in our reading in the text and the class notes, and responses should reflect completion and understanding of that reading. To completely address each question, the exam should be at least five pages, double spaced. Papers should be well written, and free from grammatical and typographical errors. Please message me right away if you have any questions.

1. According to Freiden, why might some countries institute protectionist policies when it comes to trade, and who are the “winners and losers” when it comes to international trade?

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Introduction to International Relations
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2. Please describe the evolution of international monetary systems, from the gold standard to Bretton Woods to the current system we see today.

3. According to Frieden, what is international law, how is international law made, how is international law enforced, and why does international law matter?

4. According to the text, what are international norms, how are international norms created, and why do international norms matter? Please reference the R2P doctrine in your response.

5. What are the main reasons a state might violate human rights, sign a human rights agreement or take actions to stop human rights abuses by others? Be sure and address the question of, does Universal Declaration of Human Rights creates a universal standard for all countries, or are all human rights relative to individual countries, as part of your response.

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