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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Your midterm will be written on the three Abrahamic religions, which we have studied the first half of the term. These religions include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Remember strong papers begin with an introduction that includes a concise thesis statement, the body of the paper and a summary conclusion. The body of the paper must include three sections and can be denoted by headings: Establishing the Abrahamic religions: This section answers the “who” “what” “where” and “how” questions related to each of the Abrahamic religions. This section addresses the background of the founding of each religion. Establishing the commonalities within the Abrahamic religions. This section answers the questions: What are some common themes and aspects of the religions? What are the common stories/narratives between the traditions? What are common Establishing the distinctive features of the texts. This section answers the questions: How do these major three world religions differ? What rituals and/or practices make these traditions unique? The paper requirements are: 3-4 pages in length (not including the title and bibliography pages), 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1- inch margins, and double spaced. To be submitted as a Word document. Papers must include at least 2 academic sources in addition to the book. Please be sure to review what constitutes as an academic source. Chicago Style Manual is the required formatting style.

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
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