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literature review current empirical study

For this assignment, create a literature review using relevant academic sources that relate to the human services organization and leadership theory you selected in the Unit 3 assignment. Your literature review should shed light on the degree to which organizational mission and leadership practices in your selected human services organization shape successful organizational outcomes and leadership viability.

For your literature review:

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literature review current empirical study
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Locate six to eight current empirical studies (published within the last five years) addressing your selected leadership theory. For each study:
Summarize the contents of the study and its application to a contemporary human services organization.
Summarize the methodology used in the study.
Summarize the research results of the study.
Analyze the significance of the study as it applies to the management of your selected organization.
Structure your document as a full literature review rather than providing separate headings for each article.
Include transitional phrases, appropriate subheadings, and references.
APA formatting: Headings that define the sections of the paper, resources, and citations are formatted according to current edition APA style and formatting.
Length of paper: 4–6 pages typed, double-spaced pages
copy of the previous paper is attached

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