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Making of a Treaty

Three questions topic international law, 500 words in for each question:

Question 1:

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Making of a Treaty
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Discuss the making of a treaty. Ensure your answer is 500+ words.

Question 2:

On December 6, 2017, the US declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. Please explain two reasons in support of and against the declaration. Ensure your answer is 500+ words.

Question 3:

In the last few weeks we have discussed global trade. In light of the United Kingdom’s referendum in 2016 and declaration in 2017 of leaving the EU through Article 50 on March 29, 2019, they will be required to create new trade deals with the EU and America. Before entering the EU, Europe had a free trade market. The EU currently maintains a single market and customs union. Define each of these three terms and explain their differences. Ensure your answer is 500+ words

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