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Mock Interview and reflection

You will be assigned a partner who will interview you for a fictional job, and you in turn will interview your partner. You and your partner will each be assigned a separate list of interview questions to ask, so you will not know what questions will be asked of you.

Follow theses steps to complete the assignment:

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Mock Interview and reflection
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Schedule a time with your partner or partners to meet in person or virtually (by phone, via Google + Hangouts, etc).
If you are new to Google Hangouts, review the instructions on how to Start a Hangout (Links to an external site.).
When you have your Mock Interview, decide who will be interviewed first. The interviewee will answer the interviewer’s questions and then you will switch roles.
After both you and your partner have been the interviewer and interviewee, review collaboratively what went well and what could be improved.
Once the interview is completed, reflect on how well you did in the interview and how well your partner did. Think about what was done well and what could be improved upon. Write down your reflections.
Submit your reflection.

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