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Organizational transformation and expected outcomes

Section 1: Where you began (10 points)
When analyzing any improvement opportunity, start with a baseline.  That’s important so we can track our progress.  Going back to the beginning of the organizational transformation, describe your expected learning outcomes and any pre-conceived notions you had about the topic or course. Reflect on what excited or interested you about the topic and how (or if) you thought this organizational transformation could benefit you.

Section 2:  Describe 5 key takeaways (50 points)
In this section, you will list five key concepts that resonated with you – things you didn’t know before. Describe the concept in enough detail that it is clear to me you know what you are talking about. Additionally, explain why it resonated with you and how learning each new concept may help you in the future in terms of application.

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Organizational transformation and expected outcomes
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Section 3: Other personal insights (15 points)
During the organizational transformation, you also learned about personal change leadership skills. In this section, describe 3-5 new insights you’ve discovered about yourself as a change leader or member of a team charged with managing a change initiative. Describe how you can apply these insights in your personal or professional life. Do you see any forces that might hinder your ability to apply these insights? If so, how will you overcome these forces? What forces will help you apply these insights?

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