Preparing Voir Dire Questions

Throughout this course, many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. Then respond to your Discussion topic after you have completed your Reading.

For Discussion Board requirements, refer to your course Syllabus or to the Discussion Board Rubric which is posted under Grading Rubrics.

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Preparing Voir Dire Questions
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Preparing Voir Dire Questions

Jury voir dire is the selection of a certain number of jurors from a jury panel. The number of jurors required in a case will depend on the court. Voir dire is the way lawyers find out about the prospective jurors. The lawyers (or the judge in certain instances) will ask questions of the jurors to identify qualifications, experiences and interests, knowledge about the case, relationship or familiarity with parties, witnesses, and lawyers involved in the case, and bias or any other reason why a juror should or should not be selected to serve on a jury.

Most often, jury voir dire is conducted through verbal questioning of potential jurors, though in some cases written juror questionnaires may be used to facilitate the selection process.

Questions are asked in order to determine whether a juror should be removed from the panel because the juror cannot fairly hear and decide the case.

Based on the Seminar and your readings in this Unit, create two voir dire questions to use to help your supervising attorney pick the best jurors for the Justin King case. Your questions should relate to the subject matter of the case and focus on issues that could help your supervising attorney to determine if a juror might be biased in any way.


Your client, Justin King, has informed you that before leaving Chicago on the date of the accident, he met friends for pizza and beer. He informed you that he “had quite a few” before getting on his Harley. Because he was unconscious immediately after the accident, no tests were conducted to determine if he was under the influence at that time.

Subsequently, you have learned that his toxicology reports from Paxton Medical Center were erroneously destroyed by the hospital as part of its standard document retention policy. Justin has told you that he intends to lie in the upcoming litigation if he is asked if he had any alcohol prior to the accident. How should Justin’s legal team handle this situation?

Keep in mind the applicable ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct found at the site below. Click on “Resources” to access files to assist you in your Assignment. Draft a one- to two-page analysis of this ethical dilemma and submit to your instructor via the Dropbox in the basket titled Unit 9: Assignment .

Model Rules of Professional Conduct: American Bar Association. Retrieved from…

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