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Review your unit plan on Rainbows

Differentiating materials for specific student needs is necessary for a successful lesson and helps all students engage in the learning.

1– Review your unit plan on Rainbows. During your unit plan review focus on the following:

Appropriate implementation and engagement strategies
Accommodations, resources, and materials that will allow for differentiation
Assessment techniques that will be utilized during the unit
Following the unit plan review, work with your mentor teacher to select one lesson to implement with a small group of students identified by your mentor teacher. Inform your mentor teacher that this lesson plan implementation will be videotaped.

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Review your unit plan on Rainbows
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In 250-500 words, reflect on the unit plan review with your mentor teacher:

Strengths of the unit plan
Changes you will make to the lesson based on feedback from your mentor teacher in the following areas:
Implementation and engagement strategies
Accommodations, resources, and materials used for differentiation
Assessment techniques
2–Problem-Based Lesson Plan

Science naturally incorporates multiple content areas. Consider language as a means of communication is a basic scientific process discussed in Topic 1. Mathematics is used to obtain measurements and graph data, and social studies provide a link between the application of science and society. When science curriculum is integrated across multiple content areas students experience more meaningful and relevant learning. A problem-centered approach where students investigate problems in which they are interested reinforces positive attitudes towards science and learning in general.

For this assignment, create an integrated problem-based lesson plan for one of the lessons in your unit plan. Use the “COE Lesson Plan Template” to design a lesson that incorporates the following:

Read – 1-16 of “How to Develop a Problem-Based Science Unit,” located on the VISTA website (2014).


Feedback from your mentor teacher about appropriate strategies, accommodations, resources, and materials that will allow for differentiated instruction to meet
At least one additional content area standard will be integrated into the lesson plan. (This content area will also be integrated into the lesson plans you will complete in Topic 7 for the benchmark assignment.)
Following the lesson plan, write a 150-250 word reflection, provide a rationale for why you included the additional content area, and how it best integrates with problem-based instruction in the science content of your unit.

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