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Sample Research Paper Self_-esteem

5 pages (1375 words)
Double spaced
Type of paper
Research paper
Sleeping Disorder
Sources to be cited
Paper format
you must use the following guidelines in constructing your research paper:
• Title page
• Abstract page
• Introduction must define and discuss the importance of your topic.
• Body of paper must organize the topic in a meaningful way and critically review the current empirical knowledge base relevant to your topic. The paper must synthesize findings which address:
• Implications of considering diverse populations
• Implications of crisis/trauma-causing events on the topic under investigation
• Implications of resiliency
• The implications of neurobiology
• The integration of at least one developmental theory
• Conclusion section must include a discussion of practice/policy implications/recommendations and future research directions.
• Reference page must list at least 5 primary empirical sources.
• Follow current APA Publication Manual organization and style guidelines. Points will be deducted for format violations and grammatical problems.

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Sample Research Paper Self_-esteem
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