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slave trade in the US

Required Textbook: Shi, David Emory, et al. America: A Narrative History Vol. 1, 11th brief ed. (New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Co.), 2018. ISBN #978-0-393-66896-4. Essay Required 5 pages’ essay .  In the cases, use MLA in-text citations.  Just note the author and page number, such as – (Shi, 71). o   Tittle o   Introduction o   Thesis ·      Topic Sentences for each Starting paragraph ·      Body Paragraph ·      Conclusion Give the Answer to the Essay Beginning with the Constitution, and even before, Americans were making compromises with each other and themselves about the slave trade and slavery. The first official compromise by the independent United States occurred during the constitutional debates over representation and slaves with the 3/5 clause. Please cite the actions by each branch of the federal government that impacted the implicit compromise and debate over slavery between 1800 and 1860. During each decade list and comment on the Supreme Court and its decisions defining the status of slaves and the constitutional powers of the federal government in relation to the states, the actions taken be the executive branch and the policies of the presidents to maintain or threaten the compromise, and the laws and resolutions passed by Congress affecting the compromise as slavery spread into the western territories of the United States? Describe the reaction of people in different sections to these actions of their governing bodies, including state and local governments, and significant changes in public opinion about slavery between 1800 and 1860. Conclude your essay by referring to several actions taken by the branch of government you believe was the most responsible for the decision taken by most of the slave holding states that succession from the Union was their only recourse to maintain southern society and the economy they depended upon. Please remember that there is no wrong answer, but there are better arguments that could be made for the impact of actions taken by each governing body. Also be prepared for your opinion to change as we read, discuss and think about the changes in society and culture prior to the Civil War.

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slave trade in the US
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