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Substantiating the Identified Problem

When presenting a plan for change in the workplace, you must first identify and substantiate a problem, which you accomplished in Weeks 1 & 2. Once you have identified a problem and substantiated the problem by analyzing peer-reviewed literature, you should address biases and/or counter arguments about the problem in your professional field or discipline.

This week, you will incorporate the practice piece of the SPL Model and add to your discussion by analyzing and evaluating additional peer-reviewed literature to address contradictions in the literature.
Locate a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles (in addition to those you found in Week 2) in your professional field or discipline (that is, professional journal articles, not scholarly journal articles) that focuses on the problem you identified in Week 1. Be sure to find articles published within the last 5 years.

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Substantiating the Identified Problem
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Analyze and evaluate the articles by adding them to the analytical framework you created in Week 2, noting different authors’ perspectives. Analyzing and evaluating authors’ differing perspectives, also called arguments, will provide you with a better understanding of the topic to advance your own points of view and advance your scholarly voice. Append (place in the appendix) the paper you submit with this matrix.

*** For information on building a scholarly argument, visit Doctoral Writing Resourcesand review the information under Argument Construction.

Revise the pieces you wrote/revised in Weeks 1 and 2.

Write 1-2-pages discussing the similarities and differences among the authors’ perspectives on your identified problem. You may find it helpful to identify in the readings 2 main topics about the stated problem and use those topics in your analytical framework and as subheadings in your paper.

Write using scholarly voice.

Insert the discussion in the Executive Summary Template where appropriate.




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