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The choice of entry strategy

There are specific reasons to outsource, create a strategic alliance or join in a joint venture. There are also specific risks inherent in each choice. You must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen company’s choice.
What to Post?
Select a company…
Part 1:
• The company you select must have entered the foreign market successfully using one of the entry modes described and explain why the company was successful.
• In part one of this assignment, you will research and choose a company that has entered a foreign market using one of the three entry strategies: multi-domestic, global or transnational.
Part 2:
• Describe why pursuing the chosen entry strategy into a foreign market successfully using one of the three strategies was successful.
• In part two of this assignment, you will research and describe why, in your opinion, the choice of entry strategy was a successful choice.
By completing this discussion, the student should be able to identify the real-life rationale for why a company has chosen a specific international strategy to pursue and why it’s enabled them to be successful.

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The choice of entry strategy
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