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The End of History essay

1. For this essay, read the articles “The End of History?” by Fukuyama and “It’s Still Not the End of History,” by Timothy Stanley and Alexander Lee. Fukuyama’s essay was written in1989. He believed that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of communism in Eastern Europe (and other events) meant the triumph of Western liberal democracy as a “final” ideology. Explain what Fukuyama means by “the end of history.” For instance, does he mean the end of historical materialism? The Stanley & Lee article is written 25 years after Fukuyama’s essay. How do Stanley and Lee address Fukuyama’s arguments? In your essay, cite evidence for and against the idea that the end of ideology is here – and express your view at the end of your essay – do you believe now that we are at the end of history? You can use additional material for this essay. Much has been written on this topic.

Short Essay:

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The End of History essay
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What are the similarities and differences between world-systems theory and dependency theory? How did world-systems theorists address some of the criticisms directed at dependency theory?


Hobson and Lenin largely agreed on the causes of imperialism. What did they see as the main causes of imperialism? Describe in a paragraph.

Extra Credit:

Look at some exchange rates:

a. What is the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the British pound, as of March 16th?

b. What is the exchange rate of the U.S dollar for Japanese yen as of March 16th?

c. What is the exchange rate for U.S. dollars and Chinese yuan as of March 16th?

d. How is the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Euro doing? Find the rate for March 16th. Compare it to the rate one year ago.

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