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The role the project manager played in managing the project’s success or failure

Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students.

Consider the most complex project you have been involved in. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

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The role the project manager played in managing the project’s success or failure
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Briefly describe the project. Give examples of the following as they pertain to the project:
the work breakdown structure
work package
Were you on the critical path?
Explain the role the project manager played in managing the project’s success or failure. Include an example.
Due Monday

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates in 100 word count. Be constructive and professional in your

hey buddy i appreciate you working with me the first part is due today.. i forgot to post the student post that you have to respond too.. i will send that now

By Terena

Project management is the mastery that studies motivation, control of resources to achieve one or numerous objectives, planning, and organization. Development is a brief planned to produce a single service or creation that result with a beginning and end (usually in cost, deliverables or time), which is achieved to undertake an exclusive idea which will add value or a positive change. Operations management It is related to the production of goods and services. Products and services result from processes of transforming inputs into outputs. The manager works on the transformation process, making decisions about efficiency and effectiveness.

There are various problems with project scheduling. The uncertainties inherent in the activities comprising the network of any project make it necessary to update the schedule on a regular basis. The maintenance of accurate time and cost estimates can often be difficult and frustrating. Managing this evolving process will require a discipline that may not always be available.

The project characteristics that are necessary for a critical oath scheduling to be applicable are as follows:

1. Well-defined jobs whose completion marks the end of the project
2. The jobs of tasks are independent in that they may be started, stopped, and conducted separately within a given sequence
3. The jobs or tasks are ordered in that they must follow each other in a given sequence
4. An activity once started is allowed to continue without interruption until it is completed
Critical path analysis is used in a wide variety of projects. The industries that will more commonly use this approach include computer software, construction, and aerospace.

By Brian

Complex projects could be viewed as complex due to budget and team size, strategic viewpoints, stakeholder engagement, and impact of dedicated teams doing project based work that may span from one to five years with extensions. Managing a complex project presents a series of challenges of greater magnitude than found in typical project management.

The most complex project that I have worked on was at my BA Human Service Internship, where I had the pleasure to screen, implement interventions, and among other things to a population that included reentry individuals {individuals that were incarcerated}.

the work breakdown structure: Included meetings with social workers, parole officers, and interns to outline the goal, strategic plan and ways interventions will be implemented.
tasks: were assigned to each social worker, parole officer, and intern including different goals to meet.
subtasks: were created to because the project is moving at different levels. It’s not uncommon for the original task at hand to be modified.
work package: A work package is a group of related tasks within a project. Work packages are the smallest unit of work that a project can be broken down to when creating your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Tasks are typically grouped into work packages based on geographical area, engineering discipline, technology, or the time needed to accomplish

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