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Types of rehabilitation

Retail – Gas station is a chosen company.
Research the approved sector you have selected and choose one specific company within this sector. Locate the vision, mission and values of this company.
1. Introduction – Research the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. Explain the purpose of this Act and identify three stakeholder groups and their roles (employer, supervisor, and employee). Think about the mission, vision and values of the organization and describe how you will align a health and safety program to match the mission, vision and values of the organization that you selected. Present one example of a responsibility of the OH&S Officer in this organization.
2. Policy – A policy demonstrates the commitment of management to a best practice. If there is a health and safety policy, then this implies that management values the health and safety of their employees. A template will be provided, and you will be expected to complete the policy as it applies to the organization that you selected. The purpose of this policy includes the protection and maintenance of the health and safety of workers. It will also include a statement of the commitment to health and safety, the goals of the organization and the responsibilities of the three stakeholder groups.
3. Hazard Assessment – Select one role in the organization you chose and complete the provided template as it applies to this role. Four parts of the template will include: Tasks that the selected role needs to complete, the existing or potential hazards related to this role, the controls that could be used in the workplace and the implementation date.
4. Workers Compensation – Research Workers Compensation Act of Alberta. Explain the purpose of this Act and how the mental stress of working alone can impact a worker. While the worker is on workers compensation, you will have to identify direct and indirect costs incurred from the employer that could be associated with this psychological illness. Apply the three types of rehabilitation to aid the ill employee to return to work.

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Types of rehabilitation
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