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US History Synthesis paper

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For your synthesis papers, you should try to incorporate as much of the assigned readings and discussion materials from your assigned units as possible Provide an annotated history of the origins and role of violence and its cultural foundations in the Southern post-Reconstruction to modern day era. Has violence (physical and nonphysical) always been an intrinsic part of Southern identity, why/ why not? In what, and by whom, everyday life cases did the most documented cases of violence occur and why?

A synthesis paper is an argumentative and analytic paper that brings in as much of the assigned materials as possible. Your paper should have a clear overall argument (or thesis statement) stated in your introduction, well-defined paragraphs supporting the logic of your argument, and a conclusion. I expect your synthesis papers to be at least 4-5 pages double-spaced. Chigco citing, everything MUST be cited. Guidelines are attached. *Any paper without citations (used and implemented correctly) will receive a ZERO!***

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US History Synthesis paper
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