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Vegetarian diet vs eating meat

1.The article also indicates that this may be a myth and meat consumption is rising in India. I am going to ask the same question that appears in the article: do you think a vegetarian diet is really more environmentally friendly than eating meat? Why or why not? If you currently eat meat, would you be willing to change to a vegetarian diet? Why or why not? If you are currently a vegetarian, why did you decide to stop eating meat? (80 words)

2.Do you think switching from opium to coffee growing will have positive outcomes for the farmers of the Golden Triangle? Why or why not? (80 words)

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Vegetarian diet vs eating meat
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3,There’s been a lot of research around how our diets affect the Earth. However, most people seem to think, “Well, I’m just one person. Will I really make that much of a difference?” Do you think we have the power to save the Earth? If we do, do you think we’ll realize before it’s too late? (70 words)

4. If the UN regulated the growth and distribution of opium to big pharmaceutical and other world health organizations, would results be similar to that of medicinal marijuana or would this cause chaos due to the nature of the drug itself? (70 words)




Lastly, come up a new question with a brief explanation.


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