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Veterinary Medicine and Tools

You will include a combination of secondary research (material gleaned from academic journals, popular periodicals, and credible websites) and primary research (at least one interview is recommended but not required—you may repurpose information gleaned from the profile interview) in order to write the various sections and subsections of your Guide. Outside sources need to be integrated in rhetorically effective ways (as background, as exhibit, as argue, or as method sources). All claims made within the Guide or advice provided for the reader (unless it’s anecdotal) must be supported with credible research. These sources must be documented in text and on a Works Cited page in Modern Language Association, 8th edition. Format/Layout: Your final project should be organized in the form of a manual. The manual must include the following: • a professionally designed cover page (that includes your name and the Guide’s title), • a table of contents, and • consistently designed headings and subheadings throughout the body of the manual. The manual should be organized in a series of major sections and subsections. Subsections should consist of a series of focused, developed paragraphs. 3 Headings and Page Numbers: You do not need to include an MLA-style heading on page one of the Guide, nor do the page numbers need to be located in the upper right hand corner preceded by your name. Instead, your name and the topic should be placed on the cover page, and you may place the page numbers at the foot of each page. Design: The manual needs to illustrate elements of effective design: balance, alignment, contrast, consistency, and use of negative space. We will discuss these elements at length in class. Images: Integrate at least 4-6 (no less than four, no more than six) visuals that either promote or demonstrate content in the manual. The images can consist of writing artifacts (occupational statistics, sample written documents, diagrams depicting a given document’s layout, etc.) or promotional graphics (cover page image). You may also place demonstrative graphics (i.e.., sample pieces of writing) as appendices to the body of the manual. Borrowed images integrated into your manual should be documented in MLA style, 8th edition. Length: Your guide should be approximately 2,500 words (not including cover page, table of contents, references page, and appendices) and include sections and subsections that include coherent and developed responses to most of the questions outlined above.

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Veterinary Medicine and Tools
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