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We Wear the Mask

Essay 3- Synthesis Paper (1000 words) To synthesize, is to make a connection between various components that might appear to be unrelated at first glance. In your synthesis essay, you will bring together at least 3 of the works that we have previously read and discussed and in addition to analysis, you must find and present eloquently the common thread that brings them together. Avoid overly cliché themes. Instead, find an aspect that when further investigated brings cohesion to the works. You must select at least one poem and one short story, plus an additional genre of your choice. You can not use any of the pieces from essay 1 or 2.  Similarity percentage: 25% Synthesis Essay Checklist   Write an essay in which you synthesize at least 3 works, two of which MUST be from the works covered thus far but that you have not written about. Your third piece can be a contemporary song or movie. You must have a short story, poem AND an outside work.   In addition to the information that I provided for you in the nearpod on the synthesis essay, be sure to:   Adhere to the word count Submit the essay on time Avoid using first and second person POV Avoid using previously used works  Use one of the poems included in your syllabus  Include a clear introduction, body and conclusion Write a thesis statement that is inclusive of the theme and include the authors and titles of all works (highlight this in yellow; it should be the last sentence in your introductory paragraph) Write topic sentences (first sentence in each paragraph) that are objective and reflect your thesis statement (must also be highlighted in yellow) Use transitional phrases to help you move from one topic to the next  Place evidence in bold  Place elaboration in italics      Refer to the following pages if you tend to have difficulty drafting your thesis and finding supporting evidence. I have isolated the pages to make it easier for your reference. Read pages 1214-1215; 1219-1221; 1228; 1231 Read pages 1233-1236; 1238-1240

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We Wear the Mask
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