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What English does – but most languages can’t

As our reading indicates, often there are challenges when speaking with someone whose language is different from our own, and this can cause inadvertent misunderstandings and/or frustration. When working in groups, individuals may get frustrated with one another as they do not understand the perspective the other speaker whose language is different from their own. This can also lead to ethnocentrism behaviors, which means we conclude our language is the best and the other language has less value. B. If English is your second language, meaning you grew up leaning to speak another language first and English SECOND, write a reflection for Video 2 about what you think will be important to keep in mind when working with someone who speaks English as their primary language, and may not have understanding regarding your official language, to help with any misunderstandings in communication so that you can work together more effectively and as a team to complete an assigned group project.

(English MY SECOND)

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What English does – but most languages can’t
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*Use your critical thinking and analytic skills when completing this entry. See rubric for further instructions regarding word length requirements, etc.

Video 2:

What English Does -But Most Other Languages Can’t

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